Monday, 9 April 2012

Week 11 Predictions

3 out of 7 right on Good Friday (well, including Thursday) so can we do any better on Easter Monday?  Probably not, but here goes anyway...

09 Apr 2012 - Leeds v London Broncos - London Broncos (+20.0) @ 10/11
09 Apr 2012 - Huddersfield v Hull FC - Hull FC (+10.0) @ 10/11
09 Apr 2012 - Salford v Hull KR - Salford (+2.0) @ 4/5
09 Apr 2012 - Widnes v Bradford -Widnes (+12.0) @ 10/11
09 Apr 2012 - Wigan v Wakefield - Wakefield (+34.0) @ 10/11
09 Apr 2012 - Catalans Dragons v Warrington - Catalans Dragons (+2.0) @ 4/5
09 Apr 2012 - Castleford v St Helens - Castleford (+24.0) @ 10/11

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Week 10 Predictions

After 5 out of 7 last week, I probably won't be getting any better this week.  But here they are;

05 Apr 2012 - London Broncos v Catalans Dragons -London Broncos (+12.0) @ 10/11
05 Apr 2012 - Warrington v Widnes - Warrington (-38.0) @ 10/11
06 Apr 2012 - Hull FC v Hull KR -Hull FC (-6.0) @ 10/11
06 Apr 2012 - St Helens v Wigan - St Helens (-4.0) @ 10/11
06 Apr 2012 - Huddersfield v Salford - Salford (+20.0) @ 10/11
06 Apr 2012 - Wakefield v Castleford - Castleford (+4.0) @ 4/5
06 Apr 2012 - Bradford v Leeds - Bradford (+12.0) @ 10/11

I always back London, so why stop now?  Warrington should take advantage of a Widnes that went to France last week whilst Hull FC look good enough even with the passion of a derby to contend with.  With Wigan's injury problems I've gone for Saints (though I hold out hope) and I think Salford are good enough to lose by less than 20 to Huddersfield.  Castleford might just sneak the game against Wakefield and who could back against Bradford in what might be their last ever game?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Week 9 Predictions

Another poor week last week so all this is proving that after a great week 1 I've been rubbish and you'd make more money going against my tips.

Anyway, maybe Castleford are due a better result.  Maybe Bradford won't have any positive effects of the bad week the club has had and the in-form Hull will keep on rolling.  Maybe Wigan will tighten up the defence and beat the handicap against Salford.  Maybe Warrington will overcome a Saints who can't possibly play that well twice in a row.  Maybe Huddersfield will show they aren't as flimsy as previous seasons.  Maybe Widnes won't like the trip to France and maybe London will click again.

Then again, maybe not x7.

30 Mar 2012 - Castleford v Hull KR - Castleford (+8.0) @ 4/5
30 Mar 2012 - Hull FC v Bradford - Hull FC (-14.0) @ 10/11
30 Mar 2012 - Salford v Wigan - Wigan (-14.0) @ 10/11
30 Mar 2012 - Warrington v St Helens - Warrington (-6.0) @ 10/11
30 Mar 2012 - Leeds v Huddersfield - Huddersfield (+8.0) @ 10/11
31 Mar 2012 - Catalans Dragons v Widnes - Catalans Dragons (-26.0) @ 10/11
31 Mar 2012 - London Broncos v Wakefield - London Broncos (scr) @ EVS

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Week 8 Predictions

Well, I'm not getting any better at this...but here we go again.  After all, you have to speculate to accumulate!

23 Mar 2012 - Wigan v Warrington - Wigan (-4.0) @ 10/11
25 Mar 2012 - Bradford v Salford - Salford (+10.0) @ 10/11

25 Mar 2012 - Hull KR v Huddersfield - Huddersfield (-8.0) @ 10/11
25 Mar 2012 - Widnes v London Broncos - London Broncos (-10.0) @ 10/11
25 Mar 2012 - Castleford v Hull FC - Castleford (+12.0) @ 10/11
25 Mar 2012 - Wakefield v Catalans Dragons - Wakefield (+10.0) @ 10/11
25 Mar 2012 - St Helens v Leeds - St Helens (+4.0) @ 10/11

Not sure on Wigan but I'll give them the benefit.  I think Bradford were flattered last week and whilst I think they may sneak a win I think Salford might be safe with 10 start.  Huddersfield are on top form and I think London are a better team than Widnes.  Though I am now regretting taking them at minus 10 as I think about it!  Hull are in form but Castleford have improvement in them.  Similarly, Catalans should win at Wakefield but Trinity might push them close.  Hopefully Saints employing my work colleague's next door neighbour as their interim coach might lead them to beating Leeds.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Week 7 Predictions

Dear me, a few more tough ones this week.  I'm backing Huddersfield, Catalans and Warrington to be dominant at home, think Salford and Widnes might just squeeze under their handicaps, backing Saints to bounce back to (some kind of) form and continue to back London as dark horses on a fairly healthy handicap start.

16 Mar 2012 - Huddersfield v Castleford -Huddersfield (-16.0) @ 10/11
16 Mar 2012 - Salford v Leeds - Salford (+14.0) @ 10/11
17 Mar 2012 - Bradford v St Helens - St Helens (-6.0) @ 4/5
17 Mar 2012 - Catalans Dragons v Hull KR - Catalans Dragons (-14.0) @ 10/11
18 Mar 2012 - Hull FC v Widnes - Widnes (+26.0) @ 10/11
18 Mar 2012 - Warrington v Wakefield - Warrington (-26.0) @ 10/11
18 Mar 2012 - Wigan v London Broncos - London Broncos (+24.0) @ 10/11

Week 6 Results

A poor (again), 3 out of 7.  Not doing my percentages any good.

Running £1 per pick total = -£5.55

Best Week - Week 1 - 6 out of 7 right
Worst Week - Week 2 - 0 out of 6 right

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Week 6 Predictions

Here we go again.  It's a curious mix this week.  I've backed the "big" teams, gone for the "underdogs" to just about beat some handicap figures and continue my unadulterated support for London Broncos.  Hell, they've got to win sometime haven't they?

Leeds v Warrington - Warrington (-2.0) @ 10/11
St Helens v Hull FC - St Helens (-10.0) @ 10/11

Catalans Dragons v Salford - Salford (+14.0) @ EVS
London Broncos v Castleford - London Broncos (+2.0) @ 10/11
Hull KR v Bradford - Hull KR (-8.0) @ 10/11

Widnes v Wigan - Widnes (+34.0) @ 10/11
Wakefield v Huddersfield - Huddersfield (-10.0) @ 10/11

We've got a sevenfold accumulator again, and every double result covered.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 5 Results

Dreadful again!

3 out of 7 wasn't bad, of course, but didn't make a profit!

Wigan, Wakefield and Leeds proved to be the inspired choices this week, although Wigan looked shaky at half time when they were losing and it was a late effort from Leeds to beat the handicap of -16.

The real duffers were backing London (only because I've been doing it all season) and Widnes (who I thought would lose but had half a chance at +24).

£1 a bet would have seen a return of £5.73 (that is £1.27 loss overall).  £1 per double covering all 21 bets would have returned you £10.90 on bets of £21.

It pretty much seems like you're better off choosing the opposite results to what I do doesn't it? Still, there's always next week.

Running £1 per pick total = -£4.28

Best Week - Week 1 - 6 out of 7 right
Worst Week - Week 2 - 0 out of 6 right

Friday, 2 March 2012

Week 5 Predictions

Ok, so we've changed tack this week and gone largely for the "Big" clubs to beat the margins, although not exclusively.


Castleford v Leeds -Leeds (-16.0) @ 10/11
Salford v London Broncos - London Broncos (+6.0) @ 10/11

Bradford v Warrington - Warrington (-18.0) @ 10/11

Huddersfield v St Helens - St Helens (-2.0) @ 4/5
Hull FC v Wakefield - Wakefield (+16.0) @ 10/11
Hull KR v Widnes - Widnes (+24.0) @ 10/11
Wigan v Catalans Dragons - Wigan (-8.0) @ 10/11

As ever there's one accumulator on ALL results and this week I've yet again covered all the doubles.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week 4 Results

This week's lesson is that fancying the smaller teams despite their generous start on the coupon is NOT the way to go.

Only Catalans (who I always thought might sneak it) and Bradford were winners.  Your £7 stake on those results would have given you a return of £3.80 (that is, a loss of £3.20).  The doubles thing failed too as £3.60 return on £21 bets is the sort of form that bankrupts you over a season.  Still, there's always next week.

Running £1 per pick total = -£3.01

Best Week - Week 1 - 6 out of 7 right
Worst Week - Week 2 - 0 out of 6 right

Thursday, 23 February 2012


We've gone all, nothing and then over half so far...what will this week bring?

Salford Vs Hull FC - Hull FC (-6.0) @ 5/6
St Helens Vs Catalans - Catalans Dragons (+10.0) @ 10/11

Wakefield Vs Bradford - Bradford (+2.0) @ 10/11

London Vs Huddersfield - London Broncos (+10.0) @ 10/11
Widnes Vs Leeds - Widnes (+26.0) @ 11/10
Warrington Vs Hull KR - Hull KR (+20.0) @ 10/11
Castleford Vs Wigan - Castleford (+14.0) @ 10/11

Despite what happened in week 2 I'm showing faith in Widnes and Hull KR to just about beat the handicap in terms of the strong starts they've been given.  Not too sure about London but I backed them as season dark horses so why stop now? I fancy Catalans to do well at Saints and Cas always give Wigan a hard game.

I've backed a Sevenfold for all the results, and as this week's fall-back backed all the double combinations (21 bets).

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Week Three Results

Ok so a little bit better this week, and some profit!  Four out of the six went the right way last week with only Widnes (+8) and St. Helens (-10) letting me down.  It was stupid of me to back Widnes (although in my defence I didn't think they'd win but I thought they'd run Salford close) and Saints apparently never do well at Hull KR.  Pity my Saints-supporting work colleague waited until after the game to tell me that.

A £1 bet on each of the six choices would have netted you a return of £7.64 for your £6 stake.  Big money I know.  Covering each treble with a £1 bet per treble would have netted you around £28 for your stake of £20 (from six results there are 20 possible trebles so £1 x 20 and with four results coming in you would have four winning trebles).  Again not great winnings I suppose, but that's the handicap coupon for you anyway.

Friday, 17 February 2012


I'm avoiding the World Club Challenge (but hoping for a Manly win - they always have been "my" NRL team) and just concentrating on the six super league games.  Hopefully I won't do as badly as last week! And I did say I wasn't sure on a lot of last weeks games...

Huddersfield Vs Warrington - Warrington (-6.0) @ 10/11
Catalans Vs Castleford - Castleford (+16.0) @ 10/11

Bradford Vs Wigan - Wigan (-12.0) @ 10/11
Hull Kr Vs St Helens - St Helens (-10.0) @ 8/11
Widnes Vs Salford - Widnes (+8.0) @ 10/11
Hull FC Vs London - London Broncos (+14.0) @ 10/11

I've had a six-fold on this, plus a series of 20 bets covering all trebles.  Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Ok, so the least said about Week 2 the better.  None right.  At least the Catalans game was called off so I can pretend there wasn't a clean sweep...

Let's just move on.



Best Week - Week 1 - 6 out of 7 right
Worst Week - Week 2 - 0 out of 6 right

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Wowzers. After what I thought was a reasonably straightforward coupon on Week 1 I am not liking this week's at all.  But the bookies don't like losing money do they so we just have to play with what we get.  I'll be amazed if I get anywhere near the 6 out of 7 I managed in week one.

Week Two Bets (all odds William Hill) 

St Helens Vs Salford - Salford (+22.0) @ 10/11

Catalans Vs Hull FC - Catalans Dragons (-8.0) @ 10/11
Wigan Vs Leeds - Leeds (+6.0) @ 4/5

Huddersfield Vs Widnes - Widnes (+20.0) @ 10/11
Warrington Vs London - London Broncos (+20.0) @ 10/11
Castleford Vs Bradford - Castleford (-6.0) @ 4/5
Wakefield Vs Hull KR - Wakefield (scr) @ 10/11

The big "gamble" is that lower teams in the form of Salford, Widnes and London all beat what are high handicaps  So in a change of pace this week I've done my usual sevenfold accumulator bet (all seven results must come in to make me any money) and as well I've added a treble cover.  This means that I've covered every possible treble out of those seven picks (a total of 35 bets) meaning that if at least three bets come in I will "win" something (but nowhere near my total stake) and if any more than three come in there will be multiple wins.   I suspect that may be a one-off bet never to be repeated as I don't see me winning much unless five or more come in!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week One Coupon Results

Alas, it wasn't good enough in the end, but six out of seven correct predictions on the handicap coupon wasn't a bad start.  It's probably as good as you are going to get to be honest!

The only match I got wrong was Hull-Warrington, as a draw meant that Hull took the handicap on an 8 point start whereas I had backed the Wires. As it happens that would have been one of my more "fancied" choices at the start of the weekend but was the one that did me in.  The other close one was London, who just sneaked in for those that backed them with a 12 point start.

As I suspected they might the Catalans made William Hill's offer of them with a two point start look very wrong indeed and even with their injury problems I fancied Huddersfield to at least defend twelve points start against Wigan, which they did.

So this week if you'd backed each of my handicap tips with a £1 bet, your stake of £7 would have returned you £11.55 on a series of seven singles bets. More would have come your way if you'd put some combinations on.  Me?  Well as you know I only lumped one seven fold on so I won bugger all (as well as losing all my individual bets on the Wigan game).  Maybe I'll change my tactics next week.



Wigan Vs Huddersfield Bets

First game of the season for the Warriors.  Hopefully we'll win, but I think the Giants are a good side even with the number of injuries to the squad and it's still a bit frosty and cold.


Wigan win by  6-10 points @ 21/4
Pat Richards 1st try @ 15/2
Josh Charnley 1st try @ 15/2
Sam Tomkins last try @ 7/1
Gareth Hock last try @ 33/1

Here's hoping that the Giant's injury problems don't blow my close game predictions out of the water...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sky Games Week 1

I won't moan about the Sky Coverage (other than to say from a visual point of view it's great - it's just the god awful commentary and punditry that offends me) but I will offer up some opinions on what we saw from the first two televised games of the season.

Widnes Vs Wakefield 
It seems like the main talking point was the pitch (if you'd played a drinking game where you'd took a shot every time they mentioned that on commentary you'd still be in a coma now) but I was quietly impressed with both teams considering I have them pegged as "bottom three" sides.
Wakefield looked sharp in patches, which was all the more surprising given their huge efforts in reshaping the teams.  That my old mate Tim Smith got man of the match, however, seemed more down to the fact that very few other players really shined and he at least set up one try and scored another.  I thought he was fairly anonymous for the first hour or so.
Widnes had a good first half, but faded badly. Perhaps if they'd taken some chances first up they may have had enough to hang on but it just wasn't to be.  If they can get their fitness sorted and get used to the Super League pace they will pick up some wins but I'd be very surprised if they became serious challengers for the play-offs.

Salford Vs Castleford 
You'd like to think the weather contributed to the rather average crowd but I just worry that Season Ticket holders and people who bought tickets but couldn't face the weather would normally be included in announced crowd figures.  If so, there's not much of a base for Salford (even allowing for the fact that I wouldn't want to be travelling from Yorkshire to Salford in these conditions and so the away support may have been down on what you would expect) to work on which is worrying considering the tales of just what average crowd they need to break even...
As for the team, they tried and had moments of great class.  Matty Smith's try was a good move and their consolation try at the end was arguably the best try of the match.  Losing Wayne Godwin so early was a blow and the weather was atrocious so I wouldn't write them off completely just yet but you'd still have to think it will be a long season ahead of them and whether they can avoid the wooden spoon might be dependent on winning on nights like this.
Castleford, for all their bluster last season, didn't finish in the top 8 and even with Agent Millward in charge I'd be surprised if they do this season.  But wins like this are just what they need if they are going to have any chance of doing so.  You just worry their squad is a bit thin and light on experience.  On another note, I presume that much like last year's "if Wigan win, give the MotM to Sam Tomkins" scenario we must be facing a "if Cas win give the MotM to Rangi Chase" directive this season.  I'd have gone for Danny Orr, a much underrated player in my view who is the controlling influence in that team and did much to guide them in this match.

I had both away teams for wins on the coupon, so these went pretty much as I expected.  It's clear though that with a little more clinical execution both Widnes and Salford could have come away with something more.  It's a lesson they'll have to learn quickly.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Week One bets - All odds William Hills


Leeds Vs Hull KR - LEEDS (-10 @ 10/11)
Widnes Vs Wakefield - WAKEFIELD (+2 @ 10/11)


London Vs St Helens - LONDON (+12 @ 10/11)
Salford Vs Castleford - CASTLEFORD  (+2 @ 10/11)


Bradford Vs Catalans - CATALANS (+2 @ 10/11)
Hull FC Vs Warrington - WARRINGTON (-8 @ 10/11)
Wigan Vs Huddersfield - HUDDERSFIELD (+12 @ Evens)

I've taken a sevenfold bet only, so all seven need to come in to start any profit.  The approxmate odds on this are 96/1.  And I've put a £1 on.  Yeah, I know, big gambler.  But there you go...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Random Season Long Bets

Ok, so William Hills kindly offered me a free bet on any Super League market if I bet money on ANY sporting event.  So I threw away £5 on the Superbowl Result (Giants by 13-18 I think - but any none Rugby League bets will not be mentioned on here unless I win big on them!) and then placed some small, but potentially lucrative bets on various things.  Here are those bets;


Sean O'Loughlin @ 16/1
Scott Dureau @ 33/1
Trent Waterhouse @ 50/1]
Joe Westerman @ 66/1

O'Loughlin and Dureau are possibilities in my mind.  Waterhouse was a random, and Westerman was because for some reason I had him down last year and I don't want him to win it this year when I've not put any money on him.


Josh Charnley @ 12/1

Total "Wigan Tinted Glasses" bet.


Logan Tomkins @ 33/1

Again, worth a punt from a Wigan point of view.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Super League Table Prediction

I might as well do this for a laugh and see just how wrong I am.  I should point out though that I once came 3rd place in the Chorley Lynx season prediction league so I have pedigree at this.  (I passed on my prize and gave it back to the club, because that's the kind of guy I am).


1) St Helens
2) Warrington
3) Wigan
4) Catalans
5) Leeds
6) Huddersfield
7) Hull FC
8) London Broncos
9) Hull KR
10) Castleford
11) Bradford
12) Wakefield
13) Widnes
14) Salford

I'm "fairly sure" that those will be the top 4 in some order; London Broncos are my dark horses to sneak into the play-offs.  I'm confident that the bottom three will be that bottom three in some order too.

All I can do is wait and see.

I think Saints will win the Grand Final and Catalans will win the Challenge Cup.  I can see Wigan getting to one of those finals (and obviously I hope I'm wrong about the winners and that Wigan win everything).

Monday, 30 January 2012


So here's how it goes.  This is my Super League betting blog where each week (time and inclination permitting - i.e. if I'm on holiday I may not be able to do it EVERY week) I shall put on here for the delectation of you all my "tips" for the Super League weekly rounds.

I'll also add any specials that I place from time to time.  And as I am a Wigan fan I will probably put bets on their games a lot of the time too when William Hills actually let me.

I shall be very clear where I have and haven't put money on  something and the idea is at the end of the season we can all  see just how much money I've lost on this little escapade.