Thursday, 9 February 2012


Wowzers. After what I thought was a reasonably straightforward coupon on Week 1 I am not liking this week's at all.  But the bookies don't like losing money do they so we just have to play with what we get.  I'll be amazed if I get anywhere near the 6 out of 7 I managed in week one.

Week Two Bets (all odds William Hill) 

St Helens Vs Salford - Salford (+22.0) @ 10/11

Catalans Vs Hull FC - Catalans Dragons (-8.0) @ 10/11
Wigan Vs Leeds - Leeds (+6.0) @ 4/5

Huddersfield Vs Widnes - Widnes (+20.0) @ 10/11
Warrington Vs London - London Broncos (+20.0) @ 10/11
Castleford Vs Bradford - Castleford (-6.0) @ 4/5
Wakefield Vs Hull KR - Wakefield (scr) @ 10/11

The big "gamble" is that lower teams in the form of Salford, Widnes and London all beat what are high handicaps  So in a change of pace this week I've done my usual sevenfold accumulator bet (all seven results must come in to make me any money) and as well I've added a treble cover.  This means that I've covered every possible treble out of those seven picks (a total of 35 bets) meaning that if at least three bets come in I will "win" something (but nowhere near my total stake) and if any more than three come in there will be multiple wins.   I suspect that may be a one-off bet never to be repeated as I don't see me winning much unless five or more come in!

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