Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week One Coupon Results

Alas, it wasn't good enough in the end, but six out of seven correct predictions on the handicap coupon wasn't a bad start.  It's probably as good as you are going to get to be honest!

The only match I got wrong was Hull-Warrington, as a draw meant that Hull took the handicap on an 8 point start whereas I had backed the Wires. As it happens that would have been one of my more "fancied" choices at the start of the weekend but was the one that did me in.  The other close one was London, who just sneaked in for those that backed them with a 12 point start.

As I suspected they might the Catalans made William Hill's offer of them with a two point start look very wrong indeed and even with their injury problems I fancied Huddersfield to at least defend twelve points start against Wigan, which they did.

So this week if you'd backed each of my handicap tips with a £1 bet, your stake of £7 would have returned you £11.55 on a series of seven singles bets. More would have come your way if you'd put some combinations on.  Me?  Well as you know I only lumped one seven fold on so I won bugger all (as well as losing all my individual bets on the Wigan game).  Maybe I'll change my tactics next week.



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