Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Week Three Results

Ok so a little bit better this week, and some profit!  Four out of the six went the right way last week with only Widnes (+8) and St. Helens (-10) letting me down.  It was stupid of me to back Widnes (although in my defence I didn't think they'd win but I thought they'd run Salford close) and Saints apparently never do well at Hull KR.  Pity my Saints-supporting work colleague waited until after the game to tell me that.

A £1 bet on each of the six choices would have netted you a return of £7.64 for your £6 stake.  Big money I know.  Covering each treble with a £1 bet per treble would have netted you around £28 for your stake of £20 (from six results there are 20 possible trebles so £1 x 20 and with four results coming in you would have four winning trebles).  Again not great winnings I suppose, but that's the handicap coupon for you anyway.

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